1:1 Mentorship Program

What's Involved?
You will receive 5 one-on-one mentorship support with Brooke Klower, the owner of Balanced Beings. These sessions will be conducted over 5 consecutive weeks via  Zoom session.

Individualised action plan after every session. 

Recordings of each session are available.

You will receive access to Balanced Beings documents, including:
- Guides
- eBooks/recipe books (anti-candida diet, histamine intolerance diet, mediterranean diet, anti-inflammatory diet, blood sugar regulation diet, iron guidelines, low glycaemic diet, menopause diet management, PCOS diet, fertility diet, adrenal fatigue recipes)
- Real treatment plans (unidentified)
- Referral letter template
- Treatment protocols
- Dosage instructions and testing recommendations
- Herbs to avoid in children
- Templates to support specific conditions (ADHD, low iron, preconception for women & males, urinary tract support)
- Compounding/herbal dosing protocol for children

What's Covered?
You control these sessions. Based on your desires and needs, a session may entail:
- Condition links, explanations and developing your clinical understanding.
- Clinical case breakdowns/understandings.
- Assistance with treatment plan development and review.
- Assistance with functional testing analysis.
- Dosage and herbal/nutritional safety support.
- Care taking and business template development.
- Developing retention with patients.
- Developing realistic SMART financial goals and nailing your niche/audience.
- Hiring more staff/outsourcing and wages. 
- Contract agreements.
- Finalising terms & conditions.
- Reducing reschedules and cancellations.
Why You?
- You want to develop yourself into an evidence-based practitioner.
- You need specific support for specific areas in your business, such as nutritional compounding, marketing strategies, analysing results and reducing reschedules/cancellations.
About Brooke Klower

Brooke Klower is the owner of Balanced Beings ; the largest online clinic treating KIDS in Australia. Balanced beings is an online based clinic with 4 practitioners, with all practitioners booked out 8 weeks in advance (treating over 65 patients a week)

Brooke Klower started Balanced Beings 2 weeks after graduating from her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) degree at the age of 22 years old, and with Balanced Beings being 3 years old the growth is owed to the countless marketing tactics & the specifically learned skills all practitioners at balanced beings posses for children.

 Brooke Klower has treated over 450 children, and a total of 800 patients, and conducted over 5200 consultations. Brooke has previously held workshops & eCourses for patients, students and people needing a push for success in their business. Along with two years of previous experience mentoring other practitioners working for Balanced Beings. 

Brooke Klower has turned Balanced Beings into a single figure start up business, single employee clinic to a 6-employee business which has turned over $970k since opening our doors (through 4 streams of revenue).

$300 weekly for 5 weeks
How Does It Work?
- Brooke takes on mentoring patients intermittently: tap below to purchase if still available - if the below link is not available to purchase email us and we can let you know when our next offering is available. Once purchased we will email you to find a time & dates suitable for commencement with Brooke for your sessions and access. 
- Follow this link to secure the 5 one-on-one sessions by purchasing this package:
- The remaining $300 per week will commence for 4 weeks in a row from the week prior to package commencing. 
- Once purchased, you will be emailed to organise your session times.
- Access to the Balanced Beings drive will be granted upon your first session.
- A weekly payment of $300 is due every 7 days after purchase, for a total of 5 consecutive weeks.
You have the option of paying with Afterpay on our online store, but should you wish to pay via Zip, please email us by replying to this email. Zip (Money + Pay) purchases do incur a 2.5% surcharge.