What is a naturopath and what do we do?

The most important topic to address before i begin posting information and recipes is the most common question i get asked. What is naturopath and what do we do?

Unlike popular belief, a naturopath is an evidence based profession with our treatment stemming from research and textbooks. A degree in naturopathy is a health science degree and covers biochemistry, biology, pathology, clinical science and pharmacology.

Like a nutritionist we treat and prevent diseases by altering an individuals nutritional intake and provide nutritional supplementation when required. Although we also have other tools under our belt such as herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has been used traditionally yet also studied extensively through studies and trials and contains active constituents which act on the body in a biochemical manner. Naturopaths also educate the client and provide lifestyle and environmental modifications. We also use hydrotherapy, flower essence and iridology within our treatment.

Although we treat alongside the medical industry we do not treat the disease and instead treat the underlying cause of the disease. This means we are investigating why you got the disease/symptom so we can treat this instead of the disease, this means the disease will not come back once we treat it effectively. Each naturopath treats differently which makes us all unique, as no one clients cause of the disease is the same. Therefore we all have experience in different areas.

I work as a family naturopath working with reproductive issues, preconception care, conception, postpartum, babies, children and ongoing support for the mother.

I hope to treat you in the future.


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