Loco Love Coconut & Cashew

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Why our naturopaths love this product?

We love this baby because it’s refined sugar free, grain fee, gluten free and dairy free. It also contains vanilla which is a potent antioxidant to prevent cell breakdown & high in B vitamins to support our overworked nervous system (think anxiety, depression and exhaustion!). 


Want more information on this amazing product?
If you adore Bounty’s though don’t like the thought of all that sugar, than this solves that predicament for you. Take a bite and feel the magic.


Vanilla beans are one of the most prized delicacies in the world today, adored not only for their delightful aroma but also for an array of health benefits. Vanilla’s primary constituent, vanillin, supports happy hearts and diminishes inflammation in our physical structures. The beans are potent antioxidants, helping to prevent cell breakdown and supporting the body’s natural rejuvenation capacity. Rich in B-vitamins and minerals, giving strength to our over stimulated nervous systems.


cacao paste*, coconut*, cashews* (12.1%), cacao butter*, coconut blossom sugar*, brown rice syrup*, vanilla powder* (1%), Australian sea salt Contains cashews Cacao solids 25.1%
*All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted

Some ingredients may be processed in a facility that manufactures milk products


Nutritional Information

Head to https://locolove.com/collections/chocolate-bars#butter-caramel-pecan for nutritional information