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I took my daughter to see Brooke about a skin complaint. What struck me first about this glowing mumma in full pregnancy bloom, was how easy she was to talk to and how comfortable she made both Willow and I feel. Brooke was extremely thorough, taking as long as was needed to ask as many questions as it took to solve the mystery. And solve it she did with her vast knowledge base for one so young, a knowledge base that is the result of a keen intellect and a totally infectious passion for naturopathic medicine. Both were clearly evident in Brooke. So much so that my daughter wants to be a naturopath when she is older! After just 2 weeks on the protocol Brooke tailored to Willow, her skin complaint completely cleared up, and her allergies reduced to almost nothing. We had follow up appointments where Brooke was again as thorough, and passionate about treating Willow’s condition.

 We are a few weeks out now and I am absolutely amazed by the results of following her protocol. This lady knows her stuff! I was that impressed I booked in for myself! Shock horror! I actually did something for myself! But how could I not? Seeing the incredible results that my daughter has achieved has made me absolutely certain that Brooke can help me too. It’s early days with my protocol but I’m already seeing tremendous results. I look forward to writing about my success! Thank you so much Brooke!

- Jessica 

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Brooke a few times and have felt incredibly impressed by her. She has helped me improve my health with very holistic and natural resources. Brooke is a very supportive, open, non-judgemental person and was happy to hear about/help with things that some might find embarrassing. The sessions are quite comprehensive and allowed me to really open up to her and give her the bigger and smaller picture of what is going on. It is really nice having Brooke on your side and so willing to help improve the many different aspects of your life. I highly recommend her!

- Kaitlyn

Brooke was positive, helpful and thorough with my son, she treated him like an individual and listened to our experience. Prior to getting support from Brooke, my son was really struggling with both physical and emotional health, including hospital admissions and nearly all day tantrums. After help with changing diet, adding some nutritional and herbal supplements and flower essences tailored to his individual needs, the change for my son was huge. His anxiety, stress and impatience reduced so much and our day to day life really improved! I am so grateful that we crossed paths with Brooke, thank you so much!!

- Kristie

Brooke provided me with a safe place to speak about health issues that I couldn’t speak about elsewhere. She helped me to understand what my body was lacking through the foods I was eating and helped me develop a plan on how my everyday habits could help me to have more energy, sleep better and keep my skin clear. Super happy with my  experience and what I have learnt about my gut health.

-  Rhian

Brooke has been my naturopath for a while now and honestly I have never trusted anyone more with my health. I came in with a quality of life that was causing me anxiety and sadness due to IBS and poor gut health which I have seen many doctors for. Within one session Brooke had a plan that finally worked for me after years of shame and feeling lost with my health. I feel heard and she definitely goes out of her way to make sure I am living my healthiest life. I am currently going through big health changes and Brooke makes me feel supported, listens to all my concerns and responds in the most caring way.  I wish I had found Brooke sooner.

-- Emily