Education Reviews

"I loved hearing the first hand experiences of Brooke and how she navigated them to pivot her business and get where she is today. I really enjoyed Module 3 - it gave insight for things I had not considered or known about when I started my business."
"One thing I loved was the no BS quality. Brooke says things just as they are. This was really helpful for me. She helped me cut out my procrastination and helped get the ball rolling. Honestly, I'd probably still be trying to decide on my business name if it wasn't for her. Instead, I'm up and running and seeing clients. The compounding module was my favourite. It simplified the process so much! I feel much more confident about the process even after attending other compounding workshops outside of uni."
"I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the compounding. Brooke described and demonstrated it so effortlessly. It is SO much simple than I ever thought it was. It was a bit of a "lightbulb" moment for me and I can't wait to apply it into my business. It's hard to pick my favourite, but the marketing module was probably my favourite module. You could hear Brooke's passion while she explained it, and thus made for a really beneficial learning session, with some real gold nuggets of information. We never got this kind of education on marketing in our degree, so found it very beneficial. I also found the information on insurance, memberships and software worth their weight in gold as they were something I was unsure about before the course. Brooke provided all the information we could need to make our own educated and informed decision and it took such a weight off my newly graduated shoulders."