Success by Balanced Beings

What does it involve?

This is a 10-module course delivered over 10 weeks,  This course is delivered as an online workshop with Brooke Klower, the owner and head naturopath of Balanced Beings Collective.
The goal of this course is to learn how to create a successful business, which includes a breakdown of your personal business plan, delving into individualised tips and changes to incorporate into your current plan to achieve success. 


This module will be delivered weekly. Our next course will be commencing on:
5th December
delivered online via teachable video, every Tuesday 6:00pm to be viewed and watched.
Brooke Klower  
We recommend dedicating a minimum of 2 hours per week to properly complete and understand each module (3-4 hours per week for optimum results). The workshop is included in this recommended time.

Why is this for you?

- Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted without much success as a qualified practitioner.
- Current practitioners wanting guidance on success out of their degree + the building blocks of success from the get go.
- Students in their second to fourth year of university, wanting guidance on what is required when they become qualified, so they have a foot out the door prior to qualifying.  

Did you know Brooke started planning for Balanced Beings up to 1 year prior to graduation?

Learning Outcomes:

- The fruition and history of Balanced Beings and how we achieved success.
- Breakdown of important financial decisions to make.
- Defining SMART goals and learning how to set realistic goals.
- Understanding financial projections & forecasting, and how to create for your business.
- Where to focus your investments for the business for ongoing success
- Successful marketing techniques 
- Creating clients ready for change & increasing ongoing bookings
- Reducing rescheduled and cancelled patients 
- How to create a “money mindset”.
- Understanding streaming options of revenue (primary vs secondary, etc.)
- “Behind the scenes” finances (tips on banking, savings, reinvestments & software/programs).
- Requirements for starting and running a business, and the fees involved. This includes registration, insurance, charging options & GST/Tax.
- Essentials for a comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions (what legally needs to be included and avoided).
- Educating the importance on a business for your personality, differentiating yourself from the rest, practices to assist with imposter syndrome and different practising options. 
- Defining revenue VS profit and understanding the importance of each.
- Converting a cancellation into a rescheduling patient.
- Understanding how to run a successful business.
- Nutritional compounding breakdown
- Case breakdowns and analysis on Brooke Klower's knowledge base including sexual health and children's health.
- Q&A with Brooke Klower.
- Continuous future business planning.

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