About Brooke Klower

Brooke Klower is the owner of Balanced Beings ; the largest online clinic treating KIDS in Australia. Balanced beings is an online based clinic with 4 practitioners, with all practitioners booked out 8 weeks in advance (treating over 65 patients a week)

Brooke Klower started Balanced Beings 2 weeks after graduating from her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) degree at the age of 22 years old, and with Balanced Beings being 3 years old the growth is owed to the countless marketing tactics & the specifically learned skills all practitioners at balanced beings posses for children. 


Brooke Klower has treated over 450 children, and a total of 800 patients, and conducted over 4700 consultations. Brooke has previously held workshops & eCourses for patients, students and people needing a push for success in their business. Along with two years of previous experience mentoring other practitioners working for Balanced Beings.


Brooke Klower has turned Balanced Beings into a single figure start up business, single employee clinic to a 7-employee business which has turned over $1.2 million since opening our doors (through 4 streams of revenue).

Brooke Klower and Balanced Beings clinic are now an approved placement clinic for Southern Cross University.