Our clinic treats based on evidence & test results. Our practitioners are all degree qualified & specifically trained for the treatment of babies, children & mothers. Our expert knowledge in our field and our understanding of causative and driving factors are the epicentre of our treatment, and that's how we get results that last. 

Treating the Cause: In the Balanced Beings Clinic we treat the causative factor to the conditions/symptoms to get long term results. When we look at the factors that have caused disease (bacterial overgrowths, intestinal permeability, heavy metals etc.) and address appropriately it assists with long term clearance of the conditions/symptoms.

Our Consultation Process: Due to our individualised and testing based treatment our initial consultation process involves further testing to find the root cause prior to the development of a treatment plan. This ensures we are treating based on results & evidence to give you the best treatment as possible. Our return appointment involves the presentation of the results and education of the clinical findings, individualised prescriptions (safe for you and your child's age) and integral dietary changes required for addressing the root cause.