Balanced Beings currently holds online workshops to their customers. Below we have listed current workshops available:


Fertility Workshop 

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During this fertility workshop, we dig deep into factors impacting fertility and ways to improve your fertility. We give you guidance on topics listed below, and you will also recieve handouts at the end of the workshop!

You will receive an invitation link to access our workshop, which is run 100% online and live with both our Naturopaths, Evie and Brooke.

We will also have 30 minutes of questions at the end of the workshop with our naturopaths.

What we cover:

- How and why to prepare for conception

- Egg development cycle

- Nutrients for female fertility & why

- Recommendations on products and why

- How to know if you’re ovulating

- Fertility window & the best time to try

- Semen information

- Nutrients for semen & why

- Factors impacting sperm function

- Impact of diet on fertility (female and male)

- Preconception testing for males

- Preconception testing for females

- Superfoods for female/males

- Stress & fertility

- Heavy metals & infertility

- Endocrine disrupting chemicals & fertility

- Detoxification protocol for fertility

- Guidance through coming off contraceptive pill for fertility

- Miscarriage support information


Handouts provided:

- Mini fertility recipe ebook

- Fertility detoxification protocol

- Recommendations list

- Blood tests we recommend

- Superfood list