Why is gut microbiome important for babies and children?

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Why is healthy microbiome for a baby so important? Microbiome which a baby ascertains from the mother affects the baby’s entire health. Microbiome impacts immune system (think colds, ear infections, flus), chances of obesity and metabolic disease, depression, eczema and other skin issues, type 2 diabetes, anxiety and gastro-intestinal issues such as colic, coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
Poor microbiome in babies is linked to cesarean births as the baby does not gain the required microbiome strains like they do when passing through the vagina (as the vagina has microbiome within). Although if a mother has poor vaginal microbiome this also impacts the baby’s health. Whether the baby is breastfed or bottle-fed also affects the babies microbiome profile. This is because the mothers microbiome can be transferred via breastmilk to the infant, another amazing benefit to breastfeeding. Antibiotics are another factor which negatively affect a baby’s microbiome. It has been found that antibiotics or other medications given to the baby or a mother who is breastfeeding or through child birth impacts the infants microbiome. Due to the role of microbiome for infant health and the role microbiome plays in the development into a healthy child a consult during preconception and pregnancy is recommended for the best start for your child.
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