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Postpartum is hard enough especially when you add in an exhausted adrenal gland in the mix. Thats where our organic postpartum support tea comes in as the light and saviour product!
Why and how do I know if my adrenal gland is suffering?
When we are going through the postpartum phase (which can last up to three years after baby is born!) it puts an immense strain on our adrenal gland due to increased cortisol levels. We have increased cortisol levels due to waking up at odd hours, being exhausted of our nutrient reserves (from breastfeeding, childbirth and pregnancy) and due to the increased work load that motherhood brings. When this occurs it makes us feel run down, tired, wired, anxious, depressed, stressed, exhausted and fatigue. This is when you know you need our tea.
Whats so good about our postpartum support tea?
It contains specific herbs; licorice, schisandra and withania which supports the functioning of the adrenal gland and reduces cortisol release to stop us feeling all the feelings!
It also contains shatavari, oats seed and chamomile which also reduces anxiety, irritability, stress and works synergistically as a restorative formula for your nervous system which helps with sleep!
The herbs we've added are at a therapeutic dosage which has either been traditionally or clinically studied to be a therapeutic dose. What does this mean? it means it works.
BONUS: It's breastfeeding friendly!
We are currently out of stock of our best seller, for good reason.. but presale is now up for our next drop in late May
If you want to purchase yours today hit the link below,
Balanced beings x x

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