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Baby Microbiome E-Course with Brooke Klower

Baby Microbiome E-Course with Brooke Klower

This a 3-module self-paced course developed by owner of Balanced Beings, Brooke Klower. 

- functional analysis and breakdown of multiple microbiome mapping results of children
- learn causes of unsettled babies, wind and colic
- key preparation required to prevent harmful bacteria transfer risk
- key information on reducing harmful bacterial transfer risk via placenta and breastfeeding
- key dietary changes and key foods to prevent harmful bacteria growth in children 

-key changes to prevent risk of food allergies, leaky gut, speech delays, reflux and colic
- probiotic, formula, breastfeeding and other food education tools.
- treatment of microbiome including: leaky gut, harmful bacterial overgrowths, parasites, intestinal dysbiosis for babies and children.
- Supplementation considerations for babies and mums 

Who does this suit?

  • Mums wanting to learn more 
  • Future mums wanting to prevent 
  • Microbiome fanatics 
  • Practitioners wanting to learn more and treat babies
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