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Loco Love

Loco Love Twin Pack Hazelnut Butter Praline Chocolate

Loco Love Twin Pack Hazelnut Butter Praline Chocolate

x2 loco love chocolates 

Why our naturopaths love this product?

We love this baby because it’s organic, refined sugar free, grain fee, gluten free and dairy free. It also contains Maca which has been found to promote libido, regulate hormones and improve mind.  

Want more information on this amazing product?

A smooth and freshly ground hazelnut butter center, with a few crunchy surprises. Spiked with Peruvian ginseng aka maca powder, which is known for its adaptogenic qualities and increasing libido. Think Ferrero Rocher without the harmful sugars. Ceremoniously inhale the nutty, cacao-drenched aroma for a sensorial delight.

Maca - With a bounty of potent nutrients and minerals, this nutritional powerhouse has been used for centuries to support enhanced energy and mental power. If one is seeking an elevation of mood, hormonal rebalance or enhanced vitality, maca is a beautiful addition to ones life. Supportive of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, this brings equilibrium to our metabolism and hormonal system. A multitude of compounds present promote a sense of well being, allowing for the unification of mind, body and spirit. The Mayans believed its powerful cleansing action to support emotional and energetic healing.


hazelnuts (25.6%)*, cacao paste*, coconut blossom sugar*, cacao butter*, gelatinised maca root powder* (2%), probiotic powder (Bacillus coagulans) (0.09%), Australian sea salt, (Cacao solids 45.5%) Contains hazelnuts.

*All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted

Some ingredients may be processed in a facility that manufactures milk products

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