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NaturoBest Iron & Brain Support

NaturoBest Iron & Brain Support

Why our naturopaths love this product?
This product is the best non practitioner only iron on the market! Not only does it contain a superior form of iron (known as iron bisglycinate) but it also contains nutrients which assist with iron absorption, including folate and b12. 

Want to know more about this amazing product?

  • A combination of Ferrochel® from iron bisglycinate with choline and co-factors
  • May be useful to support
    • Brain function
    • A healthy pregnancy
    • Red blood cell health and haemoglobin formation
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation
  • Free from
    • Sugar, dairy, egg, gluten, fish, shellfish and lactose
    • MSG, sulphites, wheat and yeast 
    • Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Vegan friendly 

How to use?
1 capsule daily 


Ferrochel® Iron bisglycinate equiv. Iron120 mg
24 mgCholine bitartrate equiv. Choline607.82 mg
250 mgMagnesium ascorbate monohydrate equiv. Ascorbic acid equiv. Magnesium 56.04 mg 50mg
3.47 mgCalcium folinate (Activated folate) equiv. Folinic acid325.52 µg
300 µgHydroxocobalamin (Vitamin B12)50 µg

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